Welcome to the iBoat home page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What type of boat is the iBoat? 
A - The iBoat is a 25 Foot Bennington Pontoon RCW LTD with a 150 HP Yamaha Outboard Motor.

Q - What kind of access is there to the iBoat? 
A - The marina parking lot is unpaved gravel and on a hill so caution must be taken.  The dock itself is down a dirt/rock path so, again, please be careful.  The iBoat sits relatively even with the dock so it should be a simple step on. 

Q - What about life jackets? 
A - All children 12 years of age and younger must wear a life jacket when the iBoat is moving.  All persons must wear a life jacket when being towed in a tube.  There must also be enough life jackets on the iBoat for all passengers.  We have purchased a variety of sizes of life jackets so there should not be any issue here.  However, please confirm that we have what you need before your day on the iBoat. 

Q - How fast does the iBoat go? 
A - Speed is at the discretion of the Captain.  However, the Captain is a fair person :-) and would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable. 

Q - What about fishing? 
A - If adults want to fish, they must have a Pennsylvania Fishing License.  Children do not need a license.  You should bring your own equipment as the Zweigbaums don't have any!  Most fishing will be done on the iBoat's sister boat, the Fishing GEM, owned by Charyl's father. 

Q - Can I wear shoes on the iBoat? 
A - Shoes are needed to get to the iBoat slip.  However, once ready to board, shoes should be removed and not worn on board. 

Q - Is there a bathroom on the iBoat? 
A - There is a travel toilet available for emergency or child use.  Those venturing into the water can always make use of the lake for simple needs. 

Q - What do I need to bring and how much can I bring? 
A - Storage space is very limited.  Please plan on bringing the bare minimum of towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc... 

Q - What facilities are available at the marina? 
A - The marina has rest rooms and pay by the minute showers (coin operated).  There is no snack stand, however, there is a soda machine. 

Q - What about food/snacks and drinks? 
A - We generally bring lunch/snacks on board with us.  Sometimes we pack our lunch/snacks from home and transport them in a small cooler.  Other times we purchase lunch/snacks at the Subway and mini-mart that is just off the highway exit for the iBoat.  Non-alcoholic drinks (water, diet beverages) will be provided by the Zweigbaums but please pass along any special requests.

Q - What is a typical day on the iBoat like and how long of a day is it? 
A - A typical day on the iBoat is a long one!  We generally leave Rockland in the early AM (8:30 or 9:00) as it is a 90 minute trip to the marina.  Once we arrive, it takes longer than you might think to get going between a bathroom break, sunblocking, uncovering the iBoat, setting up the sun shade, etc.  As far as how much actual time on the water you can expect, we probably average about 5 hours (11 am - 4 pm).  By 4pm we head back in for dinner at a nearby restaurant before the trip home.  4pm might sound early but this end of the trip also takes longer than you might think!  There is the time it takes for another bathroom stop (and possibly changing clothes/showering) and the time it takes to break down the sun shade, cover the iBoat, etc.  It's often a 12 or 13 hour day from start to finish but don't let that scare you.  We will keep to our full day schedule but will be happy to accommodate guests who don't wish to stay as long or have dinner in the area.

Q - Is a day on the iBoat dependent on the weather?
A - Yes!  The weather forecast needs to be clear of any rain, thunder and lightning in order for us to make the trip to the iBoat.  Not only is it unsafe to boat in poor conditions but we have no place to take shelter, even just temporarily.  For these reasons, if the weather forecast isn't great, we may look to reschedule your day on the iBoat.